Let volunteering open up pastures new


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Volunteer Josh enjoying life down in The Dell

  How about this for a stunning workplace? If you’ve ever fancied being a volunteer at one of the finest gardens in the UK – like Josh here – Bodnant Garden has a big group hug waiting for you!

  Whether you could give the gardeners a hand, meet and greet visitors or have any other unique, weird or wonderful skills to offer, we welcome anyone with time to give. 

  We’re holding a spring Volunteer Recruitment Day on Tuesday, May 6, when you can drop in and talk to staff and current volunteers about the many and varied opportunities available.  

  Josh Hackett is volunteering to gain experience for his horticultural career. He says: “Something which is not lost on any who have come to it, Bodnant Garden is an astonishingly beautiful place. It is truly, stunningly beautiful. It is really, really beautiful. This is something I want to emphasise to those considering volunteering at Bodnant.


  “The term ‘volunteering’ might suggest selfless work and toil, but in fact I am committing myself to a place awash with colour, verdant foliage, birdsong and the sound of rushing water. The moment I step in, some primeval instinct latches upon the natural spectacle and releases waves of contentment. It is a day of refreshment in the centre of my week.

  “Very few people are fortunate enough to have such an opportunity, to escape the traffic and the screens and the buzzing of phones, or at least realise that they do (it is only five miles from Llandudno Junction). Of course you can come to Bodnant Garden simply as a visitor, but the quiet loyalty that comes with volunteering compels you to return. 


Volunteers deadheading daffodils

  “Having spoken of a ‘natural spectacle’, I should make it very clear how much hard work goes into Bodnant Garden. The staff and volunteers are very friendly and caring, and trust you to treat things with the same diligence and conscientiousness as they do.


Renovating the Yew Dell for opening in March

  “As well as the gentle humour that drifts around Bodnant, there is also a great wealth of knowledge about plants and I have learnt a great deal from others already. The tasks are not always glamorous, but being able to walk through the Dell at the end of the day and know that I’ve invested part of my time and effort into it is a fine feeling indeed. I would recommend volunteering at Bodnant to anyone and everyone.”

  We have around 30 garden volunteers like Josh who muck in with the team and help with all aspects of daily routine maintenance, help in the nursery and even work in the office engraving plant labels. 


Helping with famiy craft days

  We also have around 40 visitor services volunteers who meet and greet coach parties, help with guided tours, assist with garden events from weddings to falconry displays, do carpentry and maintenance, tend bar at Walk and Wine evenings, run storytelling for children – and more. 

  As well as the chance to work in the beautiful surroundings of one of Britain’s most famous gardens, volunteers get free entry to National Trust properties in the UK and a discount card for National Trust outlets. They are also invited to regular staff meetings where they play a full part in discussion and planning. 


You might even get the chance to play Santa!

   The Volunteer Recruitment Day takes place from 11am to 3pm. No booking is necessary, just drop in at the Volunteer Recruitment Cabin near the car park and meet volunteers and staff to find out what opportunities are available. 

   For more details about Bodnant Garden call 01492 650460, check out our website www.nationaltrust.org.uk/bodnant-garden or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BodnantGardenNT


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