Golden chance to be a ‘Laburnum Archer’

GetAttachmentIf you’ve ever marvelled at our famous Laburnum Arch, or admired it in photos, how do you fancy being part of the big horticultural highlight of our year?

We’re recruiting volunteers for a special band of Laburnum Archers to assist visitors who flock to see the spectacle in late spring.

General Manager William Greenwood says: “The Laburnum Arch is one of gardening’s most anticipated, talked about and photographed events of the year. This is a chance for people to be part of that amazing experience.”

The Laburnum Arch draws around 50,000 visitors to the garden every year during the three weeks of late May and early June, when its 180 feet pergola is draped in long, golden bunches of flowers.

Originally fashionable in the 16th and 17th centuries, pergola walkways became popular again in Victorian times. Bodnant’s founder, Henry Pochin, built the garden’s arch around 1881. Believed to be the UK’s oldest and longest, it has been wowing visitors for more than 130 years.

William says: “There’s such a buzz in the garden around Laburnum Arch time – and that’s not just from the bees, who love it! It’s a magical sight to behold; people come from miles around to see it, and even plan their holidays around it.


“To make that experience as enjoyable as possible for everyone we’re looking for a special bunch of helpers for the three week period when the arch is in flower. They will be a bit like the Olypmic ‘Gamesmakers’ – their jobs will be making sure that the people have a great visit, showing them the way, answering questions, taking photos for them, even handing out drinks of water if there’s a heat wave.

“That could be retired people with some time to give, students looking for work experience or anyone who just wants to be part of this amazing horticultural phenomenon. It could be just a few hours, a day or more – and we’ll be giving helpers with special yellow Laburnum Archers t-shirts. I should just add, they won’t be asked to hum the famous radio show theme tune.”

Anyone who can help should contact Charlie Stretton, Bodnant Garden’s events and engagement officer, on 01492 650460.


For more details about Bodnant Garden call 01492 650460, check out our website or catch up with us on Facebook  or Twitter.


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