Pin Mill Flower Poll

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Last year you loved our experimental wildflower border next to the Pin Mill – so we’ve decided to do it again, on both sides of the Canal Terrace, and this time around YOU get to choose the flower display. 

We’ve got five annual meadow seed mixes to choose from. Each colour mix has its own champions here at Bodnant Garden who are desperate for your vote.

You can vote here for your favourite or, if you’re visiting the garden, drop in a token at the collection point at The Pin Mill. Gardeners will be sowing the seed after Easter. You’ve got a week, until the close of Monday, March 28, to cast your votes…then come back and watch the flowers grow.

National Trust garden adviser Patrick Swan: My choice would be the Classic Mix.  A wide range of species provides an early splash of red, white and blue, with traditional red poppies, miniature blue snapdragon flowers of Linaria and a haze of white Ami majus; just in time for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations!  Later in the year the yellows and golds of Rudbeckia and Coreopsis appear for a late summer finale.

Gardener RosI would choose the Candy Mix. It is a good alternative to last year’s Pastel mix and it’s always exciting to try something different. I love the predominantly orange and purple colour combination that is eye-catching without being gaudy. These fresh and inspiring colours will work really well on the Canal Terrace.

Gardener Tracy: I would love to see the Sundance Mix chosen for its exciting burst of orange and yellow. This will contrast beautifully with the dark green yew hedges and visitors will love the vivid and cheerful colours.

General manager William: I’ll go with the Pastel Mix. It’s a delightful “strawberries and cream” theme and a perfect choice against a yew hedge or reflecting off the water. Throughout the long flowering season whites and pinks with just a little scattering of clear blue and other pastels dominate. A really impressive mix in the autumn as later strong pink and pastel colours just go on and on.

Head gardener John: I am immediately drawn to the Aqua Mix. With the iconic white Pin Mill and the peaceful water of the canal this blue and white mix would create a cool but classy ribbon of colour, perfectly reflecting the serenity and simplicity of the setting (and the butterflies and bees will also be very happy).

Gardeners will be sowing the seed after Easter. You’ve got a week, until the close of Friday, March 25, to cast your votes…then all will be revealed! 







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