To our blog friends…we’re moving!

Bodnant and NT team1

From autumn 2018 we’re saying farewell to this blog…but don’t panic, you can continue following the fortunes of Bodnant Garden on our website here It’s the place to go for all you need to know.

Thanks everyone who has followed us over the last five years and shared some exciting times. Your ongoing support – on line and on foot – is what helps us keep this place special.

Since 2013 we’ve been able to renovate and open around 40 acres to visitors – the Winter Garden, Yew Dell, Far End, Furnace Wood and Meadow – and there’s more to come. In 2019 you’ll be able to visit inside the upper floor of the refurbished Pin Mill, and follow the progress of renovation on the formal East Garden. In following years we’ll also be opening the Heather Hill and Cae Poeth Meadow to visitors. Meanwhile our garden team will be maintaining, refreshing and redesigning beds and borders.

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Follow us, too, as our archive project continues and we learn and share more about the history of Bodnant Garden. This year we uncovered the role played by the garden’s donor family in winning votes for women. We celebrated it in autumn with ‘Unbind the Wing’, unveiling a willow sculpture on the Lily Terrace (created by artist Trevor Leat).

For all of us here and visitors too there’s always something new to discover about this special place; like its nooks, crannies and winding pathways, Bodnant Garden has endless surprises to reveal. So join us on the Bodnant Garden National Trust website to continue the journey.

For all the latest news about ‘Unbind the Wing’ check out our special web page. See the website to find out about Christmas events and what you can enjoy in the garden over the winter season. Don’t forget you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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